Rob started out as a one man show working in his driveway doing all sorts of welding jobs, fitting his own bar work and cutting his first 4 wheel drive into a ute! Finally he moved into a shed that was bigger than his house! He started cutting down the hours at his day job and eventually in 2007 Raslarr Engineering was born.

The name was developed by putting the first initials of the names of Rob's, his wife's and his children's names together. Rob, Alicia, Stella, Linken, Ayda, River, Ruben and the new logo has incorporated the C from the name of his newest family member Cruz! Rob has grown the business from that small one man show in his backyard to now running a successful, fully equipped factory that is rapidly moving up.

Our main aim is to develop quality, 100% Aussie made products to our valued customers that not only withstand the test of time and the roughest terrain but still look tough, modern and original. Raslarr Engineering is constantly growing and learning new ways to improve their products and is already a name that is known and respected across Australia.

UPDATE 2019* 

Since writing this, Rob has had another gorgeous girl, August, who is now 2 years old!

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