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Locally Made

All of Raslarr Engineering’s bar work is made right here in outer Eastern Melbourne. 
From the start of manufacture to the final stages of boxing, we pride ourselves on producing quality made bar work for your offroad or touring 4×4.

The Raslarr range of tube bull bars are developed in-house and there are a variety of styles to suit different vehicles.
Each bar is constructed from a 6mm centre winch plate which allows for either a low or high mount winch (certain bullbars only).
The bash plate is constructed from 4mm steel to provide protection to the motor and the tube used in the bull bars are 50mm OD and 3.2mm wall thickness.
The bars come standard with 2 slotted aerial tabs on the LHS headlight hoop and 20mm laser cut holes with allow for eyebolt recovery hooks.

Raslarr rear bars begin using quality Australian BHP steel with the main section of the rear bar being pre laser-cut from 6mm steel.
The side wings are made from 3mm steel with most of our rear bars utilising the factory or Hayman Reese tow bar.
They are all hand welded and are finished off with the checker top finish.

Raslarr rock sliders & scrub rails are made to suit a variety of ute and wagon 4WDs. 
The tube used is constructed from 50 OD tube that has a 3.2mm wall thickness.
The rock sliders come with the option for a variety of different styles of tops to choose from, or you can go with the standard ‘open’.
Each set is designed for a straight forward chassis-style bolt on brackets.

A variety of accessories are available for your bar work, from extra swing aways, light poles and optional extras to make your set up a little bit special.
Our range of merchandise if also available for purchase through our online shop.