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Meet Rob – the mastermind behind Raslarr Engineering, a quirky blend of passion, welding sparks, and family ties. Picture this: a lone wolf in his driveway, armed with a welder and a can-do attitude. No job too big, no nut too stubborn – Rob was the go-to guy for all things 4WD.

But Rob wasn’t content with just tinkering in his driveway. Oh no, he had bigger dreams (and a bigger shed). After transforming his trusty 80 Series into a lean, mean ute machine, he upgraded to a shed that dwarfed his own humble abode. And thus, Raslarr Engineering was born in 2007 – a brainchild concocted from the initials of Rob, Alicia, Stella, Linken, Ayda, River, Ruben, and Cruz.

Fast forward to today, and Rob’s backyard operation has blossomed into a full-fledged factory extravaganza. With three new additions to the family (and counting), the Raslarr clan is on a mission to conquer the Aussie 4WD scene, one beautiful creation at a time.

At Raslarr, we’re all about quality Aussie craftsmanship without breaking the bank. Our 3D wizardry is constantly pushing the boundaries of bar work and accessories, ensuring your 4×4 is ready for any off-road adventure. Based in the heart of Lilydale, VIC, we’re not just expanding – we’re revolutionising the 4WD game, one weld at a time. So buckle up, because the future of Raslarr and the 4WD industry? It’s looking brighter than a freshly powdered bull bar.


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